Ndsm Music Studios

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    NDSM-plein 88F, 1033 WB, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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  • NDSM Music Studios is a Music and Television Studio at the famous festival Y-helling in the Amsterdam Dockyards NDSM. With Techno Music audio and video recordings and live streams, it brings the best Amsterdam and international techno DJ's and music lovers together. The Television and Audio Live Stream is build by the best Dutch live stream expert known from big festivals around the world (company name VideoBrix). For the event NDSM Sessions music lovers may attend in NDSM Music Studios. Also, from all over the world, they can check in on www.NDSMSessions.com to enjoy. NDSM Sessions serve people by bringing live sets of the best Amsterdam and international DJ's during pre opening hours (CET). During the festivals on NDSM, NDSM Sessions will broadcast DJ sets from the DJ's from all over the world playing in Amsterdam. Every event is streamed and can be checked out for free. Events are posted on Fb and Resident Advisor.



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