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  • A polygon (/ˈpɒlɪɡɒn/) in geometric terms represents a plane figure that is bounded by a finite chain of three or more straight line segments. Relatedly, Polyethnicity is the binding of a vast group of people from many background and ethnicities. Polygon BK theorizes on the joining of people from all walks of life together under one roof (and two rooftops) to enjoy in the polygon of life – art, music, food, culture. Philosophizing freedom of expression from the poly-imaginative - performers, musicians, artists, DJs, producers, and the surrounding community, Polygon BK is an eclectic labyrinth for music and entertainment. Located on the border of East Williamsburg and Bushwick, Brooklyn, this forward-thinking 5,400 sq ft space provides 360 degrees of sound and geometric design. Polygon is a space for the imagination to run free with a sleek, futuristic ambiance to make any event extraordinary. Two Funktion One sound-systems dress three DJ/live music areas - one main indoor dancefloor, the Polygon room, and two outdoor all-season roof decks for summer to winter entertaining. And the eccentricities don’t stop at club nights. With a full wrap-around bar, kitchen, and two outdoor spaces that can be used year-round, Polygon serves as the premier space for club nights, live bands, corporate events, art shows, weddings, and more.


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