Belexpo Centar

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    Spanskih Boraca 74a
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  • Multifunctional Hall Belexpocentar (size 2500m2), it is completely suitable for organizing fairs, congresses, celebrations and exhibitions with multiple and separated exhibitors. It can be easily divided to smaller halls, with easy barriers, and it is completely covered with electricity. phone and internet installations trough media channels over the whole floor surface. Direct connection with hotel and flexibility of the hall are the main benefits in events organization and advantages of Belexpocentar Hall. Beside the different types of fairs, cultural events, business and social gatherings that were held in Belexpocentar Hall, we would like to point out performances of great music stars such as: Faithless, DJ Bob Sinclar, James Blunt, etc. Belexpocentar hall's also hosted many celebrations for banks, annual celebrations for different clients: Bank Intesa, Komercijalna Bank, FinDomestic, UniCredit, Raiffeisen bank, Societe Generale bank. Our clients range is very wide; from giants of auto-industry Mercedes and Audi, to the biggest trade marks such as Nike, Puma, Pal Zileri and many others.



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