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  • We, Damien Eie, Linus Nyström (Uranus, Erectus, Housesistas, etc.), Joakim Äbb and Eddie Eneqvist together present our new concept Club Naket. Every Saturday from February 24th, we offer the best stars in house and techno with emphasis on local acts, but also international bookings. Club Naked is just as the name signals something other than what usually happens in the club's premises. Club Naket is aimed directly at the fetish and queer audience, we are an electronic club where openness and sexual freedom are part of our manifesto. It's a plus if you're naked - take off your clothes in the wardrobe = free entrance. At Club Naket there are dark twists and crutches - or "hinges" as we call them - here you and your friends can do what you feel right now and then ... We serve the best music to you, you feel at home and sound What happens may happen. Come naked. Come as you Are. Do whatever you want. Everything stays here. Welcome - Club Naked * Club Naket works actively against sexism and has zero tolerance against racism



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