Kristal Glam Club

This club is permanently closed

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    I.S. Bach Nr.2, S2, Bucharest
  • Phone
    (+40) 0722 795 184
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  • Kristal Glam Club is without any doubt one of the best clubs ever built in Romania! Excellent design, 15 video projectors, great acoustics, great space, best DJs in the world, great atmosphere, great parties and this is only the beginning. Since it’s opening in the autumn of 2003 Kristal succeeded to attract party people all over the country. People from outside Romania heard about Kristal and came in to check out for themselves if the rumor was true. The Kristal Glam Club has two main features a Club (800mp) and a Lounge (200mp). Technical Specifications: -Lights: 17 video projectors 17 Screens – 2meters wide 12 moving-head MACH 500Tm 10 color changer 6 stroboscopes Quasar System DMX 2 fog machine Jem Laser system -Sound: Dynacord Alpha Concepts (10.000W and 125dB) -Air Conditioner Unique



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