Shop & Bar Denis Simachev

This club is permanently closed

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    Per. Stoleshnikov 12/2; 105187; Moscow; Russia
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    +7 495 629 80 85
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  • The owner, Russian designer Denis Simachev is famous for cutting edge outfits, which combine the latest trends with the Soviet legacy. This bar, which turns into a nightclub after 10pm, is located on the ground floor of his Moscow boutique. The place stands out thanks to the eccentric mix of stylish interior and kitchy details, as well as eclectic selection of music: from cheesy Russian pop to the best funk, hip-hop, and house in town. Favourite among Moscow's creative crowd as well as upper class fashion freaks, the Bar still feels a bit on a "posh" side though. The drinks are expensive ($10 for vodka, $8 for a beer), but considering it's the only place in Moscow of its kind, perhaps it's the only way to keep it going, especially that the entrance is always free.


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