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  • Music connects people: In Geheimclub it does not matter who you are, where you come from, who or how you love, who or what you believe and what you do outside of the club. Music brings people of different characters to a common denominator and connects them to one big family. It applies the principle: Anyone who does not look for stress and provocation, respects and tolerates his counterpart, is neither sexist, homophobic, stigmatized, violent or otherwise decent, comes in. Simple as that. Geheimclub is not about opening only when a large audience is expected – we open when the weekend is in the calendar – whether the beginning of the month, the end of the month, whether a major event takes place, or the festival season has begun. We have every event fun in what we do and are always there for our ravers. In Geheimclub you know, before you enter the club, what’s going on: Techno at the Gate7. House at the Parcour Alpha. Consequent. We do not play Hardtekk, EDM, Black, Charts. Not because we value these genres less, but because we are a techno club. And we will stay a techno club.


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