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    2-11 Sarugakucho, Hikawa Building, Shibuya, Tokyo
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    (+81) 03­−6455­−3260
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  • Born in Manchester, UK—the holy ground of music—Sankeys has been gaining the support of many artists and audiences around the world in its history of more than 20 years. And on April 23rd, 2016, Sankeys Tokyo will finally launch. Our mission is none other than the revitalization of the maturing Tokyo dance music scene. For this cause, Sankeys Tokyo is equipped with high-end audio & lighting systems, and will be introducing a variety of good music chosen from the original Tokyo perspective. The crew who have long supported the scene in Tokyo will be your guides. Sankeys Tokyo will surely be a one-of-a-kind found nowhere else in the world. From the backstreet of Daikanayama that has always been the frontier of Japanese dance music, Sankeys Tokyo will send out the present and future of Tokyo culture to the waiting world.


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