Madrone Art Bar

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    500 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA, 94117, United States
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  • Madrone Art Bar is more than a bar: it is a constantly changing site-specific installation art environment where two and three-dimensional works, multi-media, and performance are combined to form an aesthetic constellation that affects attendees perceptions from the moment they enter the place. At Madrone the goal is to create a new aesthetic social forum that is immediate and direct, one that links the souls and minds of the performers, spectators, and staff in artistic ritual events that are uplifting and enlightening. Madrone features exhibits of emerging and established artists, and presents works of all kinds, including painting, photography, mixed media, sculpture, video, film, design, fashion, spoken word, music and dance. Almost everything at Madrone is created by artists, from the eclectic design of the space, and the works on display, to the production of each night's events. Madrone's nightly festivities and interior space are structured and orchestrated to blur boundaries between the architecture, everyday commodities, art objects, sound, video, performance, and social life. It should be thought of as an aesthetic environment that takes into account and caters to the customers entire sensory experience. The range of media used in the space are organized to artistically engage and address the totality of visitors senses in an effort to dissolve distinctions between art and everyday life.



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