Mantra Live

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    Wellington House, Pollard Street East, Ancoats, Manchester M40 7FS
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  • Mantra Live is a new creative space situated in Ancoats on Pollard Street East. Within you’ll find a Void Acoustic sound system, acoustically treated ceilings and walls scientifically tuned by Neuron Pro Audio to create crystal clear high fidelity sound. A result of the creative movement that’s been building in Ancoat''s for many years, Mantra Live is proud to act as a platform for the artistic and musical talent that our city has to offer, as well as hosting the events that have come from elsewhere to enjoy this fresh and innovative space. Wellington Mill has fast become a focal point for artists, musicians and creative people to use for there entrepreneurial projects. We hope this new space can benefit a lot of people by providing an affordable solution for video shoots , photo shoots, workshops , art gallery''s and much more.



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