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    Szpitalna 1, 33-332 Kraków, Poland
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  • Historically located in the heart of Kraków, Szpitalna 1 is home to Poland's finest and eclectic DJs and music producers. The Lamelli House, where the club is based, is a fifteenth century structure with a labyrinthine basement in its truest form. Aiming to diversify and bring artists from around the world, Szpitalna 1 wants you to dance to the sounds of the underground! In the past, the club has welcomed acts such as Discwoman, Ron Morelli, Abdulla Rashim, DJ Stringray, Dax J among many others. Szpitalna 1 also proudly provides the space for up and coming artists to showcase their talent. // The club is a safe space, free of discrimination in any form //



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