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    Lower Susalny, 5, Building 3A; 105064; Moscow; Russia
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    +7 915 404 00 44
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  • ARMA17 has cemented its reputation as one of Russia's finest clubs. Primarily catering to house and techno, the Moscow venue takes its name from the industrial park its founders originally threw parties in (until it was destroyed by fire 2009). Based in the Nizhniy Susalniy district, ARMA17 plays hosts to international guests on a weekly basis, all while regularly throwing after parties that have been known to carry on well into the afternoon.


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Past events

    • Sat, 11 Feb 2017


      Ark, Easy Changes, Black Meteoric Star, DJ Stingray, Maayan Nidam, Ernestas Sadau, Cabanne, Hamid, Etapp Kyle, Sawf, Abelle, Philipp Gorbachev, Andrey Zots, Dasha Redkina, Gavin Russom, Julia Govor, Gaja, Nikita Zabelin, Parrish Smith, Denis Kaznacheev, Volition Immanent, G76, Hipushit, Ranishe Niyaak, Okkultative

    • Sat, 10 Dec 2016


      Margaret Dygas, Thomas Melchior, Rhadoo, Byetone, Praslea, Vlada, Sawf, Abelle, Philipp Gorbachev, Andrey Zots, Kurmyshev, Rayo, Low Jack, CultKitchen, Gaja, Nikita Zabelin, Sedee, Maoupa Mazzocchetti, Denis Korablev, Obgon, Hipushit, Ranishe Niyaak, Okkultative

    • Sat, 12 Nov 2016


      Onur Özer, Jacek Sienkiewicz, Alex Danilov, Audion, Max Loderbauer, Binh, Abelle, Andrey Zots, Dasha Redkina, Ron Morelli, Rashad Becker, Nikita Zabelin, Denis Kaznacheev, Juras Lietus, Timur Basha, Koett, Buttechno, Marie Davidson, Eli Keszler, Phuong Dan, Hipushit, Ranishe Niyaak

    • Fri, 30 Sep 2016

      Arma Labelnight

      Alex Danilov, Abelle, Andrey Zots, Dasha Redkina, Ena, Svengalisghost, Nikita Zabelin, Unit Moebius, Poima, LVRIN, Hipushit, Ranishe Niyaak

    • Sat, 10 Sep 2016


      Legowelt, I-F, Fumiya Tanaka, Alex Danilov, Abelle, Philipp Gorbachev, Dasha Redkina, Nicolas Lutz, Arsenii, Nastia, Yate, DJ Overdose, Noizar, Poima, Sofia Rodina, JASSS, Lipelis, Pan Daijing, Hipushit, Ranishe Niyaak